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These modern, slow-flowing Ashtanga-influenced classes focus on physical alignment, breathwork and personal exploration. Sweat, strengthen and stretch your way towards a more profound experience of the true Self.


Beginners Vinyasa Yoga classes are suitable for absolute beginners. We also teach more challenging all-level Vinyasa classes throughout the week.  We do not recommend Vinyasa Yoga classes during pregnancy.

Vinyasa Yoga

Restorative Yoga



When we are well rested, the body heals and regulates itself. Restore the body to its natural state of health and emotional balance with deeply relaxing gentle yoga poses and breathwork. Release tension and ease anxiety in this practice of self-love and self-care.


Open to absolutely everyone.


Our Flow classes creatively link movement with vibrant, conscious breath and lead to a rejuvenating relaxation. Flow classes nurture a growing sense of fluidity, ease, strength and flexibility in both body and mind.


Beginners Flow and Gentle Flow classes are suitable for absolute beginners. We also offer more challenging all-level Flow classes throughout the week.

Gentle Yoga / Gentle Flow


Therapeutic and truly transformational, traditional yoga lengthens and supports the spine, eases discomfort and releases tension from the body, while quieting and focusing the mind. Our gentle, therapeutic classes encourage better breathing, better mental and physical health and deeper awareness, along with an evolving sense of stability, inner strength and calm.


Open to everyone. Perfect for absolute beginners.


To see our pre-natal and post-natal classes, click here.


Every class at Leyton Yoga is a little different. Our teachers teach from their own unique experience of sacred movement practice. Here's a brief description of each class style to help you select the class that feels right for you.

Class Passes

All our weekly classes are drop-in with no need to pre-book. Everyone is welcome to pay-as-they-go, class by class. We accept cash only in studio.


If you'd like to bulk buy classes at a discount, we offer the following two options:

£90 Ten Class Pass:


(valid 6 months)

£98 Unlimited Monthly Pass:


(valid 30 days)

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a traditional yoga lineage, developed in Mysore India and practiced internationally as a pathway to improved stamina, strength and mental clarity. As the root of most modern dynamic practices, Ashtanga postures will feel familiar to students who have taken flow or vinyasa classes in the past.


The practice offers a set sequence of physical postures linked by flowing movements and synchronized with the breath. As these sequences become embedded in body and mind, the practice becomes a profound moving meditation, through which profound physical, mental and emotional transformations can arise.


Asthanga classes are open to all levels of experience and are fully adaptable for both experienced practitioners and complete beginners seeking a physical challenge.  We do not recommend Ashtanga classes during pregnancy.

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