Mondays 9:30am • Tuesdays 6:45pm & 8pm • Wednesdays 11am Sundays 10:30am


Liz is a slow-flow Vinyasa teacher. Her strong yet restorative classes are grounded in safe asana sequencing and functional movement, blending moving meditation with breathwork and deep relaxation.  Liz believes that the strength, flexibility and focus developed in yoga practice opens us up to even more profound physical, mental, and emotional transformations, leading us back to the truth of the joyful and infinite Self. She has practiced yoga for 17 years and has trained extensively with YogaWorks, Sivananda, Richard Freeman, Diane Bruni and Judith Lasater.  

Liz Allan

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Our Teachers

Sam Syer

Charlotte Van Der Byl

Hermione Armitage

Leila Dolat

Mondays 6:45pmBeginners Courses


Hermione is a slow-flow Vinyasa teacher. Her classes focus on finding fluidity and ease of both movement and breath. She hopes for students to feel present, graceful and strong in their bodies, as well as quiet and focused in their minds.  Hermione says, "It is important to me that Yoga is accessible to all ages and abilities. I love moving, feeling & being in my body and hope to inspire others towards a positive relationship with their own body and mind.” She has practiced yoga for over 15 years and has trained with YogaCampus,  Mollie Morris (Sadhaka Yoga) and Shiva Rea.

Tuesdays 11am


Charlotte teaches a gentle, therapeutic yoga that develops core awareness and creates length through the spine. Working in this way, there is the potential for a powerful undoing , a letting go which allows the body to open and relax, creating space and freedom. Her yoga therapy both alleviates physical tension and calms emotional stress from everyday life. Charlotte came to yoga over 25 years ago and has been teaching since 2003, inspired by the methods of Vanda Scaravelli.

Sundays 9am • Mondays 11am


Sam is a passionate teacher of pre- and post-natal yoga. Her classes provide a welcoming and supportive environment to encourage well-being and delight in pregnancy and parenthood. Sam's deeply nourishing classes use soothing breaths, natural sounds and strengthening  poses to create stability and space while increasing confidence.  Sam began teaching yoga for families and adults in 2002 and trained with Birthlight, Sitaram Partnerhsip and the British Wheel of Yoga.

Thursdays 7pm


Ben teaches in the Ashtanga vinyasa tradition and believes the system can be adapted for all levels of experience, age and ability. He has taught for over ten years and is one of a small number of teachers in the UK holding Level II Teaching Authorisation from Sharath Jois, with whom he regularly practices in Mysore, India. He also practices traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine and massage, holding an MSc in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ben Lawley

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Wednesdays 8pm


Leila teaches mindful, dynamic Vinyasa Flow. Her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, often building up to a peak pose, which is offered in an attainable way to students of different levels. Her teaching style is soft, clear and encouraging, yet classes can be strong and challenging. Leila believes that yoga is a personal journey that opens the door to greater self-awareness, and can help us to see and treat ourselves and others with deeper kindness and compassion.

Fridays 9:45am


Sherene teaches a Tai-Chi-inspired Yoga Flow, where the directional energy of each posture is explored through long-flowing, circular sequences.  Experimenting with the body’s potential, Sherene's practice uncovers habitual body patterns and encourages deeper internal awareness to unite the breath, the body and the mind. She is also a massage therapist and children's yoga teacher.                     Twitter: @BeaninStow

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Jessica Green

Alexandra Gray

Saturdays 10:30am • Thursdays 9:45am


Alexandra Gray is a YogaCampus-trained teacher specializing in restorative and therapeutic approaches.  Her teaching emphasises grace, strength, and simplicity,  encouraging students to cultivate a healthy mind/body connection. Alexandra's  Gentle Flow classes combine soft flow with traditional hatha yoga to re-energise and wring out the tension. Her classes always finishing with a long, deeply relaxing Savasana.

Saturdays 9am Wednesdays 6:45pm


Jessica's slow-flow Vinyasa classes focus on safe alignment and detailed instruction to encourage students to build strength, space and trust. Dedicated to serving her community and environment, Jessica has practiced yoga for over 10 years and is a passionate gardener and qualified youth worker.

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Babs Antonino

Saturdays 12:30pm


Babs teaches slow flow vinyasa-inspired yoga. Her classes are challenging, yet safe and playful, blending slow-paced mindful movements with wakeful alignments and strong core work. Babs has studied with Tiffany Cruikshank, Naomi Absalom and Mimi Kuo-Deemer and is now working towards a 500hr Yoga Medicine Certification. Since the day she first stepped on a mat in 2008, Babs has been a dedicated student of anatomy, intelligent movement and meditation. She believes yoga can truly transform and heal, teaching us to stay open and receive all that life has to offer.            

Tuesdays 7am • Sundays 12:30pm


Thea teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every day. But every day and every body is different, so Thea invites her students to explore their own body and mind over and over again, from a new perspective, with fresh eyes. In her classes, she shares her passion for yoga and meditation, and focuses on alignment and breath as well as enjoyment. Thea completed her 500hr training at Yoga&More in Berlin, and her Pregnancy training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in London.

Thea Maillard

Maharati Ishaya

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Maharati Ishaya is an Ascension meditation teacher with The Bright Path. She has been practicing daily meditation since 2008 and teaching since 2012. Combining ancient Vedic traditions with modern scientific understanding, Maharati’s simple non-dogmatic meditation techniques re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negative thinking, transforming over time one’s relationship with the mind into a direct experience of inner peace. Maharati says, "I'm only interested in meditation techniques that impact your world when you're off the cushion. It's all very well having a nice time with your eyes closed, but I want to live life as large, full of passion and free from limitation as I possibly can. And I want that for my students too."

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Naomi Costantino

Fridays 12:15pm & 2pm


Inspired by the Krishnamacharya lineage, Naomi teaches Vinyasa flow yoga, pregnancy yoga and Yin yoga. Yoga has been a constant in Naomi's life since her teenage years. Her practice deepened while working in the entertainment industry as a dancer and actress. She has studied with Claire Missingham, Seane Corn, Paul Grilley, Kino Macgregor, Nadia Narain, Gurmukh, Anna Ashby, Anodea Judith and most recently completed her 500hr with Stewart Gilchrist. Naomi has been a regular contributor for Women's Fitness Magazine and writes articles for leading new age online magazine The Numinous. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Prima Mum & Baby, Cosmopolitan and Yoga Magazine.


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