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Livestream with Letizia Ghisletta

Thursdays 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th July | 20:00 - 21:00 | 4-sessions £30

A circle to come together every Thursday for 4 weeks to nurture our nervous system and to bring presence into our life. We will be starting by practising pranayama (different ones every week) and then dive into the world of meditation. Whether a seated meditation or a Nidra, the opportunity is to give yourself space to connect and immerse yourself into stillness. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to journal about any contemplation arising from the practices and share within the group. The idea is to create a very safe space for everyone to join and not only learn a bit more about breath and meditation but also have the chance to share authentically in a non-judgemental space, where everything and everyone is welcome. 


We will be exploring Pranayamas such as 

Sama Vritti



Nadi Shodana 

and others


After the course expect to have access to a tool of powerful pranayama and meditation practices and most importantly to have found a path that works to reconnect to your own inner stillness and inner teacher. 

What you need:
- a blanket
- the pillow from your bed or a yoga bolster

- A journal or something to write on


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