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Sunday 24th April 14:00 - 15:30

In-person only - £25

Led by Davia Peris

Have you always wanted to learn the key components of handstand? Have you always wanted to know the steps to work towards it? Have you always felt scared of approaching it or felt disappointed when in class other people do it and you don't know where to start from?

Then this workshop is for you. We will take you through a fascinating journey of discovery towards handstand. You'll warm up the key components in your body that you need to safely perform this asana. You'll start to build confidence so that you can come away from the session having learned something new.


Some of you will feel inspired to start a daily practice. Others might want to integrate the learnings and practice in class. Remember it's not about the destination, the journey is the most important thing.

A personal note from davia

Handstands. Sound daunting, don’t you think?

The thought of balancing on your hands in the middle of the room is something most of us tend to be quite scared of - simply because we are not used to it anymore once we reach adulthood. And I am the first to admit this, even to this day.

With the guidance of a fabulous teacher and practice, I was however able to confront this fear and instead learned to explore the joy in turning my perspective upside do.


And no - you do not have to be able to balance in the middle of the room. And yes - it is still a perfectly valid handstand if you use Wally, the Wall.

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