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NEW MOON Cacao Ceremony with mantra

With Indianna Hill & Letizia Ghisletta

Sunday 23rd February, 14:00 - 16:30/17:00 // £45

Ignite your intentions of the heart as we sit in sacred space with the Master Plant Teacher Cacao. A New Moon represents a time of rebirth, a fresh start. A time to commit, 'Consciously' Commit. It's a precious time to gain clarity and focus in your life. 


Join Indianna, a Shamanic Plant Medicine Practitioner as she guides you into meeting the spirit of cacao with chanting and Mantra by Letizia. 


Ceremonial Cacao opens the heart chakra, allowing us to vibrate from the frequency of love and above. When our frequency is emitting love we are able to manifest our deepest desires with ease and grace.  


Cacao known as 'Food of the Gods' in Maya allowed those who drank this beautiful medicine to connect not only to their own inner wisdom but to that of the cosmos. The ceremonial cacao used is raw, orgaic and sustainably sourced from the Tsatsayaku Tribe in the Amazon.


 On this very special ceremony we will plant seeds of intentions with an ancient fire ritual. Connect to the source with oracle cards to hear messages from your soul. Raise our vibration with cacao and chanting.


What to expect

Before diving deep in meditation with Master Plant teacher Cacao we will begin a Fire Ritual to realise, release and transmute whatever is holding you back. Followed by pulling an oracle card to receive a message you need to hear. 

Drink a delicious, raw, organic, fair-trade cacao that comes straight from the Amazon (no middlemen in shipping) 

A deep dive meditation to meet Cacao Spirit 

Finishing off with Earthing/Grounding to allow you to feel centred

You will have time to share anything that has come up. Please bring a pen a notebook as you may want to journal anything that has come up. 

Key information

What you need to bring:

Something for the altar 

Wear comfortable clothing

Journal and pen 



Prior to the ceremony:

Please let us know if you are on any SSR'S, or if you have a medical condition, or if you are pregnant 

Please do not eat 2 hours prior to the ceremony

Eat light on the day

Avoid any stimulants 


Post Ceremony 

Drink lots of water after the ceremony 

Journal anything that comes up 

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