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childbirth preparation workshop

Sunday 26th March 14:30 - 17:30 in-person only

£35 for a single pass or £60 for a couple's pass

Led by Alice Panascia

This is a practical and informal Childbirth workshop for ‘parents to be’ and it’s open to single participants too who can partner up with the teacher or other attendees.

With this workshop you will gather plenty of useful skills and information for the various stages of labour and birth and we will explore how some practices and movements could support you for a positive birth experience.

This is a fun packed couple of hours followed by a brew with a chat and questions and answers.

Some of the areas covered:
·      The concept of pain in labour.
·      Natural pain relief.
·      Breathing techniques for all the various stages of labour.
·      Massage and touch as pain relief.
·      Relaxation for early and active labour.

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