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4-week course with With Lildonia Lawrence

Livestream only

Thursday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th March 2022 | 18:30 - 19:30 


Come and join Leyton Yoga Studio and Lildonia Lawrence for a safe space to discuss all things race and diversity. This four-week course is a conversation club designed for allies who want to deepen their work to support BIPOC and racialised people. 

In these classes we’ll have authentic and open guided discussions on areas such as language, microaggressions, cultural appropriation, difficult conversations and putting allyship into action.  

This course is a shame-free and confidential space and so is the perfect place to ask the questions you’ve been holding in. You’ll also get the opportunity to explore your allyship in depth and will gain a deeper understanding into the issues that BIPOC and racialised people face on a day-to-day basis.  

So, bring an open heart & mind, and join us for these powerful sessions.  

Session 1:  
Language and microagressions

Session 2: 

Cultural appropriation 

Session 3:

Difficult conversations 

Session 4:

Putting into action

About Lildonia 

Lildonia is a wellbeing coach and yoga instructor specialising in wellbeing for women and BIPOC folks. She has a background in psychology and mental health and has been working in the field since 2009. Her mission is to inspire, educate and equip people with the tools for long lasting health and wellbeing. She believes that the mind and body are intrinsically linked and this belief runs through all of her work with clients.  


Lildonia spends her days providing wellbeing services for both organisations and individuals in the form of 1-1 coaching, wellbeing workshops, training, and consultancy.  

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