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In-person only with Leti

Saturday 29th January, 16:00 - 18:15 

Leti always wanted to offer an extended practice that could allow her students to dive deeper into the practice of Yoga.

This workshop brings together all the different teachings of Yoga that Leti has been immersed into in the last decade. It's a special invitation for those who love going deeper, reflecting, contemplating and creating space to engage in spiritual discovery. 

The commitment is to offer monthly workshops so that people with the same aim and passion to learn more about Yoga can find themselves in a peer-to-peer environment where they are inspired to go deeper into their spiritual journey.

A nourishing, down-to-earth, traditional-inspired Yoga practice involving the different aspects of Yoga: asana, pranayama, chanting, contemplations, self-reflection and circle sharing.

A unique, regenerative journey to go deeper into the wonderful practice of Yoga and its benefits, discovering powerful tools such as more complex asana, breathing techniques, yoga Nidra and sound healing.


- 75 min of strong slow hatha flow focusing on building strength and focus. There will be an opportunity to work on some arm balances as well as more advanced pranayama practices.
- 15 min of slowing/winding down Yin practice
- 45 min Yoga nidra + sound + journaling and sharing

Who is it for?
This is a practice open to those who want to go deeper into the Yoga journey. A consistent Yoga practice is required.

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