Part 2: Focus on legs and feet and tummy.

28th Feb 15:00 - 16:30

Livestream £15

Led by the amazing Rosie Slay!

Dad's Baby Massage Livestream Workshop Part 2: Focus on legs and feet and tummy.


Part 1 in this series focuses on Chest, Arms, Face and Back and will be scheduled again in March. The order you do them in does not matter, you don't need to have done Part 1 in order to do this Part 2 workshop.

Get to know your baby better through massage. This 1.5 hour workshop will give dads the tools and confidence they need to massage their babies to support their comfort and development.

Over the course of the workshop we’ll discuss the benefits of touch in general and massage in particular, and offer tips on establishing a regular routine at home.

You will learn more about your baby’s cues and developmental stages, and how different massage techniques can offer them relief from congestion, teething and other growing pains.

You’ll learn massage techniques for the legs and feet and tummy, observing along the way what they like, dislike and how to understand and respond to their needs. In the virtual company of other fathers you will share experiences and advice on navigating this journey of parenthood.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 👶, something to sit on (a cushion or yoga block), a small towel, a baby blanket to put over the towel and any oil that you'd like to use for the massage. We recommend you use a cold pressed vegetable oil (grapeseed is good), or coconut/almond oil if that's not available.

Massage works best when you do it regularly! If you have already attended one of our workshops then feel free to come along, to learn different parts of the body and catch up with other dads you might have met before.

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