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Authentic Hatha Yoga and therapeutic health practices in the heart of East London. Leyton Yoga is an inclusive space for personal discovery and transformation. You can book our classes and workshops on this website or on Mindbody.


Our sister company - Leyton Holistic - offers a range of health treatments including massage.


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With Sam Sayer

1st February 14.30- 16:30 

An offering to all Fathers looking for some time during their weekend to be with their babies and build a strong foundation of love and respect on which your families will grow.
Spend a couple of uninterrupted hours in the company of other dads, sharing experiences and learning to massage your babies in a warm welcoming space.
In this 2-hour workshop you will learn a toe-to-head full massage to assess your babies needs, likes and dislikes, the therapeutic benefits, and different techniques to soothe, feed, nourish and cherish.
Massage is a beautiful way to connect to your little one, and learn to communicate through touch, read their cues and know how to respond appropriately.
This is a precious moment away from your busy active week to switch to a different way of being, notice the big and small changes in your babies and boost your confidence to be a happy relaxed parent!
There will of course also be time to question, chat and drink tea! Find your homelife support network!