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Authentic Hatha Yoga and therapeutic health practices in the heart of East London. Leyton Yoga is an inclusive space for personal discovery and transformation. You can book our classes and workshops on this website or on Mindbody.


Our sister company - Leyton Holistic - offers a range of health treatments including massage.


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With Franzi Boehm, Sunday 6th October 17.30 - 18.30

From October 2019 Leyton Yoga is excited to host Ellie Ramsby's 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. This course spans over 7 months and offers you an in-depth study into the practice of Hatha Yoga.

To offer you an insight into what the course entails, we invite you to join Ellie Ramsby or Franzi Boehm for a 1-hour taster session.


You will get the opportunity to participate in a shorter yoga session to get an insight into the style of Hatha Yoga that is taught and Ellie's approach in teaching methodology which lies at the heart of the training. This is followed by a brief overview of the course syllabus and towards the end of the session there's time to ask questions.

The session is free of charge and open for all levels. Booking in advance is required to secure a space.

Learn more about Eleonora on: https://www.eleonora.london/eleonora


Personal guidance to support learning

Throughout the course you will receive personal guidance and continuous constructive feedback to encourage and inspire your learning development. If you are motivated to integrate Yoga on a deeper level in your life and/or would like to become a yoga teacher with strong teaching skills and body awareness, then this training is for you.

Learning from where you are

Ellie & Franzi's intention is to work with students’ individual process and encourage you to learn from where you are. Instead of offering a one size fits all approach, from day one, you will learn to look at each Yoga student individually and learn how to teach people rather than poses.

The training values process and autonomy over performance and encourage students to learn with and from each other while exploring and developing once own individual and unique approach to Yoga.

Discount for Yoga classes to support your training

We know that diving into training can be expensive so we are offering discounted unlimited Yoga at Leyton Yoga to ensure you get the most from your training.



••• 2019

Module 1

Friday 25th Oct 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 26th Oct 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 27th Oct 14:00-20:00

Module 2

Friday 6th Dec 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 7th Dec 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 8th Dec 14:00-20:00


••• 2020

Module 3

Friday 17th Jan 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 18th Jan 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 19th Jan 14:00-20:00

Module 4

Friday 14th Feb 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 15th Feb 14:00-20:00 /Sunday 16th Feb 14:00-20:00

Module 5

Friday 13th March 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 14th March 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 15th March 14:00-20:00

Module 6

Friday 3rd April 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 4th April 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 5th April 14:00-20:00

Module 7

Friday 1st of May 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 2nd May 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 3rd May 14:00-20:00

Module 8

Friday 5th June 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 6th June 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 7th June 14:00-20:00

Module 9

Friday 3rd July 12:00-20:00 / Saturday 4th July 14:00-20:00 / Sunday 5th July 14:00-20:00