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gift cards

Our aim since the beginning has been to create an inclusive space where the beautiful practise of Yoga is available to everyone. We believe everyone should have the chance to experience Yoga for themselves, and whether they have not yet tried Yoga or need some encouragement to come back, you can support this mission by giving the gift of Yoga to your friends, family and loved ones.


We offer gift cards in a variety of values starting from £10, and there is also a custom gift card for any value you wish. They make perfect Christmas, Birthday or Celebratory gifts, or anytime someone needs a lift! Especially at this time of COVID-19 Yoga is a perfect way to build mental, emotional and physical resilience and boost the immune system. 

A gift card can be used for any of our classes or workshops. To help you decide the gift voucher value, our online live-streamed Yoga class pricing starts at £6 for the 60min community classes and goes up to £8 for our 90min classes. Workshops and Courses start at £15 and go up to £120. There is also a Livestream 10 Class Pass giftcard for £70 or In-person 5 Class Pass giftcard for £60 which provide even greater value.

Once you select the value, you can then get the giftcard emailed to the recipient, or email it to yourself to print it out or send later.

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