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cOVID-19 update: How to attend our in-person classes

UPDATED 04 April 2022

We have simplified and eased our covid-secure processes slightly, to make it easier for all while maintaining a safe environment.



Before you come to class

1. Pre-bookings only, no drop-ins. In-person only classes will have a new maximum of 12 people at Midland (3 rows of 4 mats) - still reduced from our pre-pandemic maximum of 16.

2. Don't come to class if you're experiencing any possible Covid symptoms, including cold-like symptoms associated with Omicron

3. If you test positive for Covid or are a contact with someone who does then we trust you will follow official guidance and won't come to class until all self isolation requirements are met:

4. We recommend you bring your own mat and any props you might want to use, although ours are now available for use again.

When you come to class

1. Our doors open 15 minutes before class starts, and we encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes before to allow time to settle in. The doors will be locked a minute before the class starts, and we won't admit late arrivals in order to not disrupt the class.

2. Wash hands in our kitchen/toilets before coming into reception

3. Check your temperature in reception

4. Be mindful of your space as you move around reception and the studio

5. We recommend you wear a mask in reception and until you get settled on your mat. However, this is no longer a requirement from us.

6. Place your mat where indicated by the tape on the floor. Fill up the front spaces first, so people don't have to move past you to reach a spot and you can relax on your mat.


7. After class clean the area around your mat with the disinfectant spray and disposable towels provided. If you have used our mat and props then we ask you to wipe them as well.


After class


1. If you develop symptoms or a positive test result within 2 days of attending class we ask that you let us know at so we can let other people in the class know that they might have been a contact (your anonymity will be kept)

Booking the in-person classes

The in-person classes are on our usual schedule, marked as In-person in the title. For those that are hybrid (livestreamed also), you'll see a duplicate class in the schedule distinguished by Livestream in the title.


As the in-person classes are reduced in size, we recommend you book at least a week in advance. You can also set up a recurring booking via our Mindbody online portal which saves you from needing to remember to book it every week. After clicking on a particular class you get the option to make either a single or a recurring reservation.


The booking window for in-person classes will now close 2 hours before the class for in-person bookings. The early cancellation window for in-person classes will now close 6 hours before the class, which returns your pass to your Leyton Yoga account for use in other classes. So if you can't make the class be sure to cancel at least 6 hours before, which gives someone else the chance to book onto it (or for someone on the waitlist enough confirmation time before class). 

In contrast, the booking window for livestream classes closes 30mins before the class, and the early cancellation window closes 1 hour before.


Stay safe, we hope to see you soon! Any questions about any of this please contact us. xx Leti & Q

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