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With Letizia Ghisletta

£10 in-person pass

Sunday 19th March 17:00 - 18:15

Singing the healing and powerful sounds of mantra, has been described by many as a wonderful way to ‘come home’ to your highest self. Kirtan is the Yoga of the sound, a form of meditation. To participate in a Kirtan you don't need to be a singer. And if you are, awesome! Kirtan is not about having the greatest voice, it is about community, coming together to discover our true nature through the sacred sound. All faiths and non-faiths are invited! The beauty of Kirtan is that it is an inclusive practice that everyone can embrace no matter what their beliefs are. Although Kirtan originates in Hinduism, this session is not religious. It is a devotional gathering, expressing the universal love and connecting with your true Self!

At the end of our Kirtan we'll gather for tea and chats. 

Join us! 

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