Our Motherhood teaching team is made up of six passionate and talented teachers - teaching pregnancy yoga, postnatal pilates, mum and baby yoga and mums baby massage. They are the team who will support your Motherhood Journey. Get to know them here!

meet our motherhood team

sian haestier

pregnancy yoga, mum & baby yoga

Sian teaches pregnancy and postnatal (mum and baby) yoga at Leyton Yoga. Her classes include breathwork, movement, meditations and rest practices to support your pregnancy journey and transition into early motherhood.


Sian’s classes are accessible to all pregnant and postnatal people (including those new to yoga), and are tailored to student’s needs to help ease any aches and discomfort that can arise as your body changes. Her aim is to help you leave feeling more grounded, open and at ease physically, and connected with your body and baby, within a likeminded, local community of mothers.


Sian has been sharing yoga for over 7 years, is mum to a young family and also teaches restorative and vinyasa yoga. She has trained in pre and postnatal yoga with teachers including Nadia Narain and Lolly Stirk.


Haydee Velasco flores

pregnancy yoga

From week 12 of your pregnancy, you’ll be able to join Haydee on a journey of nourishment, stretching, and releasing any pregnancy discomfort that can occur at times.


Haydee has been teaching regular vinyasa and pregnancy classes every week since 2018 and she is incredibly passionate about helping guide women in the care of their pelvic area and its incredible way to adapt to change and heal itself, if it’s given the right support.

She finished a 200 hrs yoga certification in 2017 and soon, at the end of that year, started a pranayama course with David Swenson and later with Gregor Maehle. This took her practice to another level where the attention to the breath became a priority and went into the journey of pregnancy yoga in 2018 to be able to share breathing techniques throughout this especial moment in women’s life.

Haydee is always encouraging and guiding you to find the extra space to allow you to continuously breathe deeply. Long Savasanas are key during her classes, with mini yoga nidras, reading of poems, or complete silence. This is the perfect way to finish, with a sense of serenity and contentment, ready to embrace life outside the mat!

SArah Stevns

pregnancy yoga workshops

Sarah teaches monthly pregnancy yoga workshops and is deeply committed to sharing the benefits of this practice.


Following her initial yoga teacher training five years ago, Sarah completed an additional 85 hour intensive pregnancy yoga teacher training with Yoga London. Her teaching approach blends traditional yoga practices with modern movement practices which are known to support the body during pregnancy. Her teaching experience has shown that a safe, nurturing pregnancy yoga practice can support pregnant people physically, emotionally and spiritually in their journey through pregnancy, towards labour and birth.


Sarah is an experienced psychotherapist is passionate about the mental health benefits of yoga at all life stages, but particularly during pregnancy. Her classes and workshops focus on creating a calm space where students can share their experiences of pregnancy and create a sense of community, as well as building physical and mental strength to support their journey towards parenthood. Sarah also teaches Yin yoga and hosts monthly Women’s Circles.

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shana begum

pregnancy yoga

Once completing her 200 hours, Shana embarked on her Pregnancy Yoga training with Yoga London.


She is passionate about encouraging her mums-to-be to listen and honour their bodies. She believes in a holistic approach when teaching pregnancy and encourages building strength, finding rest and meditating using the breath.


In her spare time, Shana continues to research and read around the latest pregnancy research and has completed courses around PGP, Sciatica during pregnancy and perinatal mental health in the fourth trimester.


One of her favourite pieces of feedback from a student was “that’s the closest [they’ll] get to a glass of wine,” after a pregnancy and meditation session.

paulina rogalska

postnatal pilates workshops

Our Postnatal Pilates workshops are taught by Paulina Rogalska, who is an experienced Pilates instructor with Movement and Exercise for Pregnancy as well as Post-Natal Reconditioning and Diastasis Recti Repair certifications from Body Harmonics.


Paulina's mission as a teacher is to help inspire others in the same way that she has been inspired. She believes that when people do Pilates 1-3 times a week they are more energised, feel empowered, healthier and happier. This system of exercises is ideal for postnatal women as it teaches stability through movement and correct posture. It can be used to reduce back issues, maintain stability, promote postural awareness and strengthen the pelvic floor and tummy muscles after your delivery.


Paulina's classes begin slowly and gradually progress to allow for tissue remodelling and tolerance. She helps to get mothers back on the right track to focus on reactivating and stabilising the pelvic floor, transversus abdominis (deep core muscles) and obliques as well as developing lumbo-pelvic stability.


With Paulina's support and care, you'll nurture, release and fortify your body after birth not to mention the added luxury of having some much needed time to yourself during practice :)

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terena bennett

Mums Baby Massage

Terena (Ms T) is trained in Baby Massage and was a manager in a Children’s Centre for 9 years, as a senior practitioner and can give advice on developmental milestones.


This includes advice on sleep, breastfeeding, potty training and fussy eaters. She brings her understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stages along with armfuls of compassion.

Her qualifications include:

When Push Comes To Shove International - Certified Birth Doula

and is qualified to offer professional Doula support following WPCTS international standards of practice.

International Association of Infant Massage - Certified Infant Massage Instructor 32-hour training part of the certification process to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI).   2020

CACHE - Level 3 Diploma in Children & Young People's Early Learning and Childcare Pathway - Pass    2015


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