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Mum & baby yoga

From September we will be back offering in-person Mum & Baby Yoga at our Trinity studio in Leytonstone. Classes are an opportunity for you to practice Yoga, breathwork and mindful movement with your baby and connect with other mums. If you prefer to practice online, joining directly from your home, Rosie also teaches every Monday 11:00 - 12:00 Livestream.

Rosie - our main Yoga teacher describes her classes: 

"I take an integrated approach to teaching mum and baby yoga. There is ample opportunity for you

to connect with your babies, and do some gentle massage and yoga moves with them, which helps

their development and relaxes them. I also dedicate more than half of the class to postnatal yoga

for mums; safe, strengthening movement which rebuilds strength, especially in the core and pelvic

floor, as well as stretching out tight necks, shoulders, calves etc "😁

3 key poses that you'll always find in Rosie's Mum and Baby Yoga classes

Cat and cow

Free your spine by moving through some rounds of Cat (rounded spine) and Cow

(arched spine) from an all fours position. If you want to build more strength put a block between

your thighs and gently squeeze it as you go.

thread needle

Start from all fours, lifting one arm out to the side and up to ceiling and then thread

that arm underneath your opposite arm, bending both arms. Come in and out of the pose a couple

of times before settling in to help mobilise the thoracic spine. Draw your top shoulder back in space

to deepen the twist. You can creep your base hand forwards to give your baby a little squeeze.


Even just the preparation for bridge is a wonderful strength building exercise. Start by lying

on your back with knees bent and feet hip width distance. Press down through the feet and engage

the pelvic floor, and tilt the pubic bone upwards. To continue roll up onto your shoulders, and hugs

thighs together

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