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Our sister company - Leyton Holistic - offers a range of health treatments including massage.


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4 week BABY MASSAGE course

With Sam Sayer

27th Nov - 18th Dec: 14:00 - 15:00 each Wednesday

Baby Massage is a beautiful way for new mothers to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually with their babies, as well as with other mums, creating a strong sense of community!

Baby Massage also encourages the development of structural symmetry, sitting and mobility in newborns.

During the course you will be exploring different basics of baby massage routines which you'll be able to develop and practice at home. You'll learn to recognise your baby's cues and behaviour states, the importance of Touch and how to tailor this to the difference daily experiences of your baby.

Massage is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your baby. It is appropriate at any age, and is best when you are ready to leave the house, do something together that is beneficial to both participants, and is a simply joyous way to spend an hour!

Please wait until you have finished bleeding before attending so energy levels are optimum, so around when your baby is 6 weeks; however if you need some company, tea and a chat with other Mothers, then you are welcome to come along.

The upper age for babies in this baby massage course is until they are crawling, this is so everyone's needs are met. A crawling baby is more curious so would be better suited to our Monday 11:15-12:15 postnatal classes where massage is often part of the practice.

Sam trained in Baby Massage and Yoga with Dr Françoise Freedman, Medical Anthropologist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Birthlight in 2003.

WHAT TO BRING: a small towel and any oil that you'd like to use for the massage.