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MUMS 5 week BABY MASSAGE course (with rhyme time!)

March course Wed 14:00 - 15:00 1st - 29th March

Livestream £45 | In-person £70.

Suitable for babies newborn to one year, and course touches on Mums Postnatal Health also.

Led by the wonderful Terena Bennett

Through baby massage we begin to understand and interpret our baby's behaviours and cues, strengthening the bond between you and your baby.

Massage can aid circulation and digestion, relieve discomfort, promote regular sleeping patterns and strengthen the bond between parent and child. It’s a beautiful way for parent and child to come together and play, understand each other and meet other parents and babies.

Throughout this five-week course you will join learn how to massage your baby from head to toe, introduce easy progressive steps towards tummy time, and develop joint flexibility and muscle strength.


In this course we will also touch upon your postnatal health, introducing gentle exercises you can use to begin to rebuild strength and relieve tension.

Suitable for babies newborn to one year.

Terena (Ms T) has trained in Baby Massage and was a manager in a Children’s Centre for 9 years, as a senior practitioner and can give advice on developmental milestones. This includes advice on sleep, breastfeeding, potty training and fussy eaters. She brings her understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stages along with armfuls of compassion.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 👶, something to sit on (a cushion or yoga block), a large towel, a baby blanket to put over the towel and any oil that you'd like to use for the massage. We recommend you use a cold pressed vegetable oil (grapeseed is good), or coconut/almond oil if that's not available.

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