New Booking System

Posted on September 23, 2018

As of Sunday 24 September, we will no longer use MindBody Online for class bookings at Leyton Yoga. Instead we'll begin using an alternative system called Karmasoft.

The problem with Mindbody

Sales over service

While MindBody is convenient to use and a very popular service, used by many yoga studios, it also has its downsides.

As a company MindBody has grown drastically over the last decade and today is the market leader for online booking services in the yoga and fitness industries. While their popularity has increased, their customer service for business-to-business interactions has decreased and seems to be driven only by MindBody's desire to make more sales.

Failed payments

Especially over the last months, many of Leyton Yoga's students have experienced difficulties logging in or making payments via MindBody, which is something that effects Leyton Yoga as a business, but can only be fixed by MindBody, as they are the service provider.

Price increases

But MindBody has done little to improve their services but at the same time has increased their price by 43% in one go, without much prior notice.

Time for a better solution

Keeping Leyton Yoga affordable

At Leyton Yoga, we want to provide yoga to as many people as possible, at an affordable price. We also pride ourselves in paying our teachers a fair, incremental rate (which, unfortunately, is not at all common in the yoga world) so they benefit from having more students in class too. This means that our profit margins are rather slim and the last thing we want to do is increase our prices constantly.

Enter Karmasoft

Consequently we have decided to use Karmasoft Online going forward. Karmasoft was designed and is still owned by real studio owners, who know what it’s like to run busy studios and to juggle the needs of students and teachers alike. Their price is a third of what MindBody charges for the exact same product. Additionally the Karmasoft customer service is very personal and excellent - exactly the kind of company we at Leyton Yoga want to work with!