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PILATES at Leyton yoga

In 2020 we started offering Pilates on our schedule as a complementary practise to Yoga, and we're delighted how our community has adopted it. 


Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age, body shape or fitness level. It works on your core strength, flexibility and uses the weight of the body to strengthen and define.


It’s particularly beneficial for people recovering from injuries, athletes and performers. from training for a big run, to cycling or simply keeping up with the kids.

It brings another dimension to your physical practise and most importantly it's fun!


In-person or Livestream Wednesday 19:30 - 20:30 Pilates (Open Level)

This class is taught by Paulina Rogalska, who is a senior teacher having practised yoga and pilates for 20 years, and taught Pilates for nearly 5 years.

Paulina's mission as a teacher is to help inspire others in the same way that she has been inspired. She believes that when people do Pilates 1-3 times a week they are more energised, feel empowered, healthier and happier. If they already practise Yoga or do any other fitness/gym workouts or sports, Pilates will perfectly complement it by increasing their body awareness and improving their strength. 

Paulina started her fitness journey in her teens when she discovered yoga. In her adult life, she explored various types of exercises from gym workouts to dance classes. In 2008, she decided to teach movement based classes but when she completed her Pilates teacher training in 2017, she finally felt fulfilled! 

She realised how beneficial Pilates is for feeling better and being healthier. As a keen ambassador of this smart movement re-education system of exercises, Paulina stresses the importance of listening to one's own body in her classes and with that raised inner awareness, she helps clients to establish the mind-body connection. 

The focus is also on functional total-body moves and more inclusive core work which are the best methods of working your body in the most balanced, safe and effective way possible

In-person or Livestream Postnatal Pilates - monthly workshop, check our Workshops, Courses and Retreats section.

Postnatal Pilates can help prevent common postpartum issues, such as lower-back and shoulder tension; the deep breathing emphasized leads to more energy, mental clarity and patience.
Whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, Pilates can help to accelerate the recovery process, making you feel calmer and more connected in the process.
Exercises can also help heal diastasis recti, which is an excessive separation of the abdominals common in postpartum women.

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