pregnancy yoga workshop

With Sarah Stevns

Pregnancy yoga teacher and Psychotherapist

Sunday 5th December 17:00 - 18:30
£20 in-person | £15 livestream

Join us in-person or online for  this pregnancy yoga workshop designed to cultivate relaxation, presence, knowledge and empowerment.


This workshop includes movement, meditation and breathing practices that are tailored to support and strengthen the body during pregnancy and prepare physically and emotionally for labour, birth and post-partum recovery.


You can look forward to:    

  • Community check-in and opportunity to share how you are, ask questions and support each other.

  • A gentle pregnancy yoga class to strengthen and mobilise the body.

  • An opportunity to learn breathing techniques and physical practices to help support you physically and mentally during pregnancy, labour and birth.

  •  A soothing, extended relaxation to send you on your way in a blissful state!