Pregnancy & Yoga

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. Yoga offers a toolkit of physical exercises, breathing practices and philosophies to support and nourish you as you journey towards birth and motherhood.

If you already have an established yoga practice, we encourage you to embrace softness. Pause strong practice. Make adjustments. Listen your body and your baby.

If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to attend only prenatal yoga classes.

Although you should always seek the advice of your doctor and/or midwife, we offer some general tips here on yoga practice and pregnancy.

First Trimester

When you discover you are expecting, we strongly encourage you to pause your yoga practice until your 14th week. Your baby’s central nervous system and brain are developing, and you are growing your placenta. This is a time of great change, a time for rest and acceptance.

Second & Third Trimester

If you have been practicing yoga for over one year and have both your doctor’s and your yoga teacher’s approval, you may rejoin your regular yoga class.

Within those classes, you will need to significantly alter your practice. Take it slow, listen to your body and your baby, and avoid over-heating. In busy group classes, teachers can offer guidance but may not always be able to give you step-by-step separate instruction.

The following practices should be avoided during pregnancy:

Throughout pregnancy, your yoga practice should focus on:

During your second trimester, yoga will help you to find space in your body for breath, get your excess fluids circulating, and relieve your pregnancy-related discomforts as your baby grows.

During your third trimester, we encourage you to take only Prenatal classes. You’ll learn movements, breathing techniques and sounding practices which will soothe you during your final weeks of pregnancy, encourage optimal fetal position and help you feel calm and in control during your birth experience.

Best of all, in Prenatal classes, you’ll meet a community of local like-minded mums, sharing wisdom, friendship and, of course, the odd piece of cake!

Here are Leyton Yoga's prenatal and postnatal classes:

Sunday 9am - Pregnancy Yoga

Monday 11am - Mum & Baby Yoga

We wish you a joyful journey towards motherhood.