What is Yoga?

The physical, mental and spiritual practice of Yoga has been practiced in Hindu and Buddhist cultures for thousands of years. The Sanskrit term yoga means “to yoke together” and speaks to yoga’s ultimate goal of uniting mind, body and spirit. 

The fundamental principle that grounds all yoga practices is this: Our true nature is silent, joyful, peaceful and all-knowing. This essential truth is easily forgotten amidst the chaos and struggle of everyday life. Yoga is not a religion but an opportunity to explore and discover the vibrant, rich stillness that is in us all. As we establish this re-connection to the Self, peacefulness goes from being an occasional experience to being the core of our normal daily life, the grounding of all experience. 

Modern science has revealed that yoga practices also move the body towards greater health. Yoga balances hormonal, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure, lifts depression, eases anxiety, alleviates asthma, lengthens and strengthens the muscles, reduces chronic pain, improves mobility and promotes better sleep and digestion.