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Led by Letizia Ghisletta

Sunday 30th April 17:00 - 18:15 in-person only

Free as part of monthly membership

£20 for anyone else

Restorative Yoga is designed to have your body and mind rest and restore with very little work or stretch. Props are used to fully support the body and send you into a 'liminal' state of total relaxation where your brain waves start to slow down, and you have the opportunity to rest in your Essence Nature.

To help facilitate a state of deep relaxation, Leti will take you through a sound journey with her favourite instruments: Tibetan singing bowls, gong, kalimbas, steel pan, voice etc... a wonderful journey within yourself.


Don't miss this lovely workshop which offers the opportunity to slow down, breathe, relax and nourish your life through sound and supported postures.


EVERYONE is welcome! 

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