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Hatha flow YOGA

Hatha flow classes are a mix of strong static postures held for 1-2 minutes with mindful flows. Often meditation and pranayama are part of the practice.

Vinyasa YOGA

Vinyasa is a modern, dynamic, slow flow ashtanga-based type of Yoga. The focus is often on the breath as a link for the different movements and transitions. 


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced Yoga where postures can be hold between 4-8 minutes to work on flexibility in the body and mind.

Gentle flow Yoga

Gentle flow yoga is a mindful, slow, softer class that encourages focus and presence, and helps students dial down their energy and tune into themselves. 

mum & baby yoga

Pre-natal Pregnancy Yoga classes support expectant mothers as they prepare together for the experience of childbirth and motherhood. A great way to connect with other mums.

pregnancy yoga

Mother and baby post-natal Yoga classes support mums through their first year of motherhood, while creating an environment to bond with their little one and other mums.

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga is a vigorous and fast-paced Yoga. The practice offers a set sequence of physical postures linked by flowing movements and synchronised with the breath.



A rigorous style of yoga developed by BKS Iyengar with a specific focus on alignment of all body parts in a posture. We offer an class suitable for beginners to Yoga or this style.


Dynamic Yoga focuses on building strength and focus while transitioning between postures. Classes can be very different from each other depending on the teacher who is leading them.


Low cost community Yoga is open to everyone. It's a way for the community of to come together practicing a diverse range of styles depending on the teachers.


Beginners Yoga classes are the perfect place for total beginners to start their journey with Yoga. Postures, breathing techniques and meditation practices are explained very slowly. 


Hatha Yoga classes focus on the fine details of yoga postures, alignment and breathing, working on both your body and mind




A class for the mums. A strengthening but restorative practice focusing on strengthening the pelvic floor area and opening the upper body.

Hatha Yoga with pranayama

Slow and mindful Hatha Yoga with extensive inclusion of breathing control techniques (Pranayama) from the Hatha Yoga and Classic Tantra traditions. 

What other classes would you like?

We're open to bringing other styles to Leyton Yoga, especially those that respect the tradition of Yoga. Get in touch with any suggestions.

yoga & meditation

A slow class dedicated to both movement and meditation techniques to ground into your day.

Yoga for teens

Yoga for teenagers gives young people the space to move, stretch, breathe, develop strength, flexibility and build resilience. These fun classes are taught by a teen yoga specialist and are open to ages 11+.

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