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Next date TBC

In-person only - £25

Led by Letizia Ghisletta

Have you always wanted to practice Dharunasa? Or understand what the key components are and how to safely build towards them?


Backbends are an important part of the asana practice but often people get into them without focusing on the building blocks, the body warm-up that is needed to perform such strong posture.


In this workshop we are going to break down the wheel and other backbends postures and you’ll come away having learnt what it takes to move to the next level in your asana while staying honest to your body and its responses.


We are committed to providing a safe environment where everyone feels safe to try things out and where you get to connect with other people in the community.


A lovely way to spend your Sunday. Join us!

A personal note from Leti

What I like about these workshops is that they offer a safe space to experiment things together without the pressure of having to do everything right! 

In an ordinary class, often there isn't the time to drill down to the details of how a posture is built. That's why workshops are so helpful! We get to unpick the posture and look at the different key elements, muscles and mindset necessary for a specific asana. 

See you on the mat! Leti 

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