Workshops & Courses

4 Week Baby Massage Course

with Sam Syer

4 Week Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage is a beautiful way for new mothers to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually with their babies, as well as with other mums, creating a strong sense of community! Baby Massage also encourages the development of structural symmetry, sitting and mobility in newborns.

During the course you will be exploring different basics of baby massage routines which you'll be able to develop and practice at home. You'll learn to recognise your baby's cues and behaviour states, the importance of Touch and how to tailor this to the difference daily experiences of your baby. Each week, there will be an opportunity to meet your fellow classmates, chat and drink tea. Sam trained in Baby Massage and Yoga with Dr Françoise Freedman, Medical Anthropologist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Birthlight in 2003. WHAT TO BRING: a small towel and any oil that you'd like to use for the massage.   

Date: Thursdays 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th June

Time:  11:15am to 12:15pm Price: £55

Gong Bath

with Claire

Sunday 9th June at 7pm

Nothing to do. Just turn up, lie down, relax and receive the waves of the gong.

An immersive sound experience where densely layered vibrations wash over and around the listeners body cocooning you in a suspended soundscape. By surrendering to the deep listening of this space, we enter a meditative, dreamlike state as our brainwaves entrain and slow down in sync with the gong. This space can facilitate cleansing and healing to occur on a cellular level, relieving stress and assisting the release of emotional and energetic blockages. Many experiences are possible. Join Claire   (@jotigongyoga) and her magical gong for your own unique sound journey.

Free taster session for Yoga Teacher Training

with Eleonora Ramsby Herrrera Thursday 20th June 5.45 PM - 6.45 PM  From October 2019 Leyton Yoga is excited to host Ellie Ramsby's 200-hr hatha yoga teacher training. This course spans over 7 months and offers you an in-depth study into the practice of hatha yoga.

To offer you an insight into what the course entails, we invite you to  ioin Ellie Ramsby for a 1-hour taster session. You will get the opportunity to participate in a shorter yoga session to get an insight into the style of hatha yoga that is taught and Ellie's approach in teaching methodology which lies at the heart of the training. This is followed by a brief overview of the course syllabus and towards the end of the session there's time to ask questions.

The session is free of charge and open for all levels. Booking in advance is required to secure a space.

Learn more about Eleonora on:

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

with Sonya Elnaschie

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

Everyone always talks about the importance of a mother’s touch for babies and children but research shows that bonding with dad is just as essential to a baby’s wellbeing. Not only does massage provide a wealth of benefits to babies but studies indicate that fathers who learn to soothe their babies have reduced stress levels. Whilst today’s dads often want a more hands on role with their children, they can often face obstacles such as lack of time and may find it more difficult to form a strong, intuitive relationship than their partners who may have gone through pregnancy and breast-feeding.  In this dads only baby massage workshop, you will be guided through the baby massage strokes and techniques to help soothe your baby, support normal development and assist with difficulties such as colic.  As well as providing intimate bonding opportunities, the techniques taught will allow you to tune into your babies moods and needs more closely.  From 8 weeks old to standing, developmental baby massage is designed to help with:  - bonding and attachment  - attunement to babies communication cues  - introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma  - introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time  - demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise babies posture and abilities  - reduce digestive discomfort such as colic - improve sleep  - develop circulatory system and breathing rhythms  - develop joint flexibility and muscle strength 

The ethos of the workshop is that it is based on therapeutic play, with the babies providing guidance for what they do and don’t enjoy. 

Sonya trained with the world renowned Peter Walker who has developed these techniques over 40 years, working with thousands of families. 

Sonya is also a qualified Physiotherapist & Medical Herbalist with a specialist interest in working with children. Throughout the workshop there will be ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Date: Sunday 30th June

Time: 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Price: £25