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Special Spring Equinox Celebration: Ompowerment Project


Special Spring Equinox Celebration: Ompowerment Project

with Jessica Green & Justine Nolan

As with every season, the wheel of the year turns and the spring equinox arrives this week alongside it a beautiful full moon.  as the spring equinox sets in the West the full worm moon will rise in the East.

You are invited to join in celebration of this light, this balance of day and night, sun and moon, light and dark in aid of the OMPowerment Project. EMPOWERING REFUGEES TO LEAD EACH OTHER THROUGH TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA [please link to link to website]

Moving from the ground up to find certainty in what you want to grow this year.   Starting and ending on a cellular level with breath, movement and meditation cultivate your own growth.  Choose your seedlings that need nourishment, your fruit you want to see ripen and the movement* that represents this. Allowing each living affirmation to integrate by feeding your roots, manifest at the unseen bathe in the sounds of crystal healing bowls at hands of special guest Justine Nolan East London Reiki 

*movement will be free but suggestions of yoga sequences will be offered.

Allow the healing frequencies of the alchemy crystal singing bowls to soothe your energy field, unifying your opposing energies - light and shadow, masculine and feminine, movement and stillness -  you mirror mother nature in the perfect balance of the equinox. These pure vibrations will softly guide you back to centre, your inner peace and power, helping you release all that no longer serves you for the year ahead. Resting in the theta brain wave space, your cells and tissues are stimulated to relax, repair and regenerate - a transformative spring clean for your energy field! 

Revenue is going to the OMpowerment project

Date: Friday 22nd March Time: 7PM - 9 PM  Price: £20  

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

with Sonya Elnaschie

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

Everyone always talks about the importance of a mother’s touch for babies and children but research shows that bonding with dad is just as essential to a baby’s wellbeing. Not only does massage provide a wealth of benefits to babies but studies indicate that fathers who learn to soothe their babies have reduced stress levels. Whilst today’s dads often want a more hands on role with their children, they can often face obstacles such as lack of time and may find it more difficult to form a strong, intuitive relationship than their partners who may have gone through pregnancy and breast-feeding.  In this dads only baby massage workshop, you will be guided through the baby massage strokes and techniques to help soothe your baby, support normal development and assist with difficulties such as colic.  As well as providing intimate bonding opportunities, the techniques taught will allow you to tune into your babies moods and needs more closely.  From 8 weeks old to standing, developmental baby massage is designed to help with:  - bonding and attachment  - attunement to babies communication cues  - introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma  - introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time  - demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise babies posture and abilities  - reduce digestive discomfort such as colic - improve sleep  - develop circulatory system and breathing rhythms  - develop joint flexibility and muscle strength 

The ethos of the workshop is that it is based on therapeutic play, with the babies providing guidance for what they do and don’t enjoy. 

Sonya trained with the world renowned Peter Walker who has developed these techniques over 40 years, working with thousands of families. 

Sonya is also a qualified Physiotherapist & Medical Herbalist with a specialist interest in working with children. Throughout the workshop there will be ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Date: Saturday 6th April

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Price: £25

4 Week Baby Massage Course

with Sam Syer

4 Week Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage is a beautiful way for new mothers to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually with their babies, as well as with other mums, creating a strong sense of community! Baby Massage also encourages the development of structural symmetry, sitting and mobility in newborns.

During the course you will be exploring different basics of baby massage routines which you'll be able to develop and practice at home. You'll learn to recognise your baby's cues and behaviour states, the importance of Touch and how to tailor this to the difference daily experiences of your baby. Each week, there will be an opportunity to meet your fellow classmates, chat and drink tea. Sam trained in Baby Massage and Yoga with Dr Françoise Freedman, Medical Anthropologist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Birthlight in 2003.

Date: Thursdays 4th, 11th, 25th April and 2nd May

Time:  11:15am to12:15pm Price: £55

Sunday Sound Bath

Sunday Sound Bath

with Sherene Banner

Each sound bath is different due to the theme in mind and the people participating.

You will be lead through some gentle movements of the breath and body before laying down to be immersed in some sonic sound healing and relaxation.

During the Sound bath you will hear and feel various tones of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and other instruments, releasing different frequencies to encourage meditation and relaxation.

The sound can ease you into a hypnogogic state where you feel like you are dreaming with heightened awareness and the brain waves can move from beta (in which you operate at a high stress level) to alpha, theta, and eventually delta, in which deep relaxation occurs.

Where the Sound bath connects with my interest in bodywork and the fascia:

The vibration of sound waves is not merely perceived by the ears and the mind. The waves carry into the cells and tissues of the body, interacting with the electrochemical activity of the nervous system, helping to restore balance and homeostasis. At a cellular level the body is roughly 65% water allowing the sound waves to travel easily through the water, so you are not only hearing sound but the pulsations and vibrations of sound waves are literally washing through you, inducing effects on the body as a whole. Date: 7th April  Time: 5.00 PM - 6.30 PM 

Price: Adults £20 // Teens £15