Workshops & Courses

Winter Solstice: Make Your Own Light on the Darkest Night

Next Date/Time: Fri 21st December 2018 — 7:00pm

with Jessica Green and Leila Dolat

Leyton Yoga invites you to the closing practice of 2018 to celebrate the Winter Solstice and to support the Ompowerment Project with Jessica and Leila.

On the longest night of the year, we reflect on our journeys travelled, the lessons learned and the wisdom gained. 

We prepare for the return of the light, planting the seeds of our heart felt intentions and welcoming the paths that open to us.

The session involves a fiery flow to invoke our inner flame, leading to a supported handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) practice. A long, restful savasana will restore our energy, and a heart felt mantra will invite the forthcoming light.

This years class is not just celebrating the community at Leyton yoga, but all proceeds will be donated to the OMPowerment project which empowers refugees to lead themselves and members of their communities in the healing practice of trauma informed yoga.

Tea and cake included!  

Yin & Yoga Nidra - Extended Practice

Next Date/Time: Sun 6th January 2019 — 5PM

with Thea Maillard

Yin Yoga is a slow practise of well-supported seated and supine postures, encouraging softness and nourishment. Each posture is held for 3 to 5 minutes to gently relax and unwind muscular tissue. These sustained holds offer us the opportunity to slow down and stay with what is, moment by moment, breath by breath. The meditative Yin Yoga practice can lead to a sense of greater harmony and peace in life, more ease in body and mind, and a deeper sense of balance. Feelings of calmness, acceptance and gratitude may arise.

Yoga nidra is a great treasure, a potent meditative resource for healing, insight, and empowerment. It's a state of consciousness in which we are invited to re-encounter the essential truth of who we really are. Yoga nidra provides us with the opportunity to experience deep freedom. It welcomes us all home to ourselves.

Suitable for all yoga practitioners, including beginners.

Date: Sunday 6 Jan

Time: 5pm to 7.30pm

Price: £30

Winter Self-Care Workshop

Next Date/Time: Sat 19th January 2019 — 4:00pm

with Thea Maillard and Mel Turner from MelOrganic

Winter Self-Care Workshop  In this workshop we will create a nourishing space to turn inward and practice the healing art of self-care. We’ll begin with Yoga Nidra, gentle movements and soothing pranayamas, followed by reflections on self-care and simple practices to attend to yourself that you can practice anywhere. In the second half of the evening, we will be making or own organic body scrubs – a little treasure you can take home with you to nurture your body on a cold winter’s night.

Date: Saturday 19 Jan 2019

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Price: £30 (includes a jar of your self-made body scrub)  

Beginners Yoga Workshop

Next Date/Time: Sun 20th January 2019 — 2:00pm

with Alexandra Gray 

Beginners Yoga Workshop

Coming to your first yoga class can feel a little daunting, especially when you attend a mixed levels class, where everyone else seems to know what they are doing.

This comprehensive 2,5hrs workshop teaches beginners all the essentials they will need to start (or restart) their yoga journey – instilling them with the groundwork and confidence to attend regular basics and all level classes.

The workshop will start with the basics of what Yoga actually is and the ancient philosophy behind it. We will cover all the key groups of yoga postures including standing poses, forward and back bends, twists, sun salutations, simple inversions and relaxation. You will also learn about alignment, how to work towards experiencing ease and stability in your poses and the importance of the breath – its effect on your practice and using it as a simple way to start meditating.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions as we go along, and plenty of breaks - don't worry, this won't be 2,5 full hours of moving! No previous yoga experience is needed – just bring yourself and some comfortable, stretchy clothes.

Date: Sunday 20 Jan 2019

Time: 2pm to 4.30pm

Price: £30  

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

Next Date/Time: Sat 26th January 2019 — 2:30PM

Dads Baby Massage Workshop

Everyone always talks about the importance of a mother’s touch for babies and children but research shows that bonding with dad is just as essential to a baby’s wellbeing. Not only does massage provide a wealth of benefits to babies but studies indicate that fathers who learn to soothe their babies have reduced stress levels. Whilst today’s dads often want a more hands on role with their children, they can often face obstacles such as lack of time and may find it more difficult to form a strong, intuitive relationship than their partners who may have gone through pregnancy and breast-feeding.  In this dads only baby massage workshop, you will be guided through the baby massage strokes and techniques to help soothe your baby, support normal development and assist with difficulties such as colic.  As well as providing intimate bonding opportunities, the techniques taught will allow you to tune into your babies moods and needs more closely.  From 8 weeks old to standing, developmental baby massage is designed to help with:  - bonding and attachment  - attunement to babies communication cues  - introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma  - introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time  - demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise babies posture and abilities  - reduce digestive discomfort such as colic - improve sleep  - develop circulatory system and breathing rhythms  - develop joint flexibility and muscle strength 

The ethos of the workshop is that it is based on therapeutic play, with the babies providing guidance for what they do and don’t enjoy. 

Sonya trained with the world renowned Peter Walker who has developed these techniques over 40 years, working with thousands of families. 

Sonya is also a qualified Physiotherapist & Medical Herbalist with a specialist interest in working with children. Throughout the workshop there will be ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Date: Saturday 26 January 

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Price: £25

Holistic Core Restore - Every Woman 6 Week Foundation Course

Next Date/Time: Wed 30th January 2019 — 9:45am

with Melissa Gaul

This unique and ground-breaking 6 Week ‘Every Woman’ programme truly is a gift that keeps giving and one that EVERY WOMAN should give herself at least once in her lifetime!  Enjoy 6 weeks of education regarding your Pelvic Floor, Core, Nutrition and women’s fitness/wellness at whatever life phase you’re in.  The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.

Suitable for all yoga practitioners, including beginners.

Dates: Wednesdays 30 Jan, 6 Feb, 13 Feb, 27 Feb, 6 Mar & 13 Mar

Time: 9.45am to 10.45am

Price: £127

Price includes:

• 6 x 1hr classes  • A screening video conference or call before beginning classes  • Lifetime Online access to the workouts done during class. These videos include the warm up routine, the workouts drip-fed over the duration of the course, the down training routine & 7 bonus videos of material explaining the WHY’s of the programme all led by Jenny Burrell the creator of Holistic Core Restore (R). • Nutrition guidance  • The homework kit • Access to the Melissa's closed Facebook support group. We meet via Video Conference 3 x 15 minutes between Monday-Thursday​ usually at 8.30pm. You'll be led by Melissa through a 15 minute HCR® inspired workout always including around 3 exercises and 1 element of self-care.

Pranayama & Kriya Intensive

Next Date/Time: Sat 2nd February 2019 — 7:00am

with Liz Allan

"When the whole system of nadis (energy chanels), which is full of impurities, is cleaned, the Yogi becomes able to control Praṇa (vital energy). Therefore, Pranayama should be performed daily with a focused, calm mind in order to drive impurities out of the susumna nadi" - Hatha Yoga Pradipika (ca. 1350).

Join former Leyton Yoga Director Liz Allan for four days of deep cleansing and re-balancing. 

These traditional practices can balance mood, calm the mind, unblock stuffed-up sinuses, decrease mucus production, increase concentration, stimulate digestion, enhance energy levels and aerobic endurance, reduce anxiety and depression, end panic attacks, alleviate dry mouth and bad breath, and improve sleep.

In Saturday’s masterclass, we’ll work step-by-step to learn the following techniques: -       Anuloma Viloma (alternative nostril breathing) -       Neti (nasal cleansing) -       Nauli and Dhauti (upper digestive track cleansing) -       Kapalabhati (lung and diaphragm strengthening) -       Kumbhaka  (breath retention) -       the three Bandhas (energy locks) -       Advanced Pranayama such as Bhramari, Sitali and Ujjayi 

Then, for three glorious mornings in a row, we’ll put it all together into a powerfully invigorating daily practice.

To prepare for the intensive, Liz asks that you please abstain from meat-eating, alcohol and smoking for a few days (or weeks!) before the workshop. The "cleaner" you start, the better you'll feel during the week.

All participants will need their own Neti Pot and tongue cleaner. If you don't have them, you can buy them at a special workshop rate of £3 for the Neti Pot and £2 for the tongue cleaner on the day of the masterclass.


Date: Saturday 2 February 

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Price: £35

Follow Up Practices

Dates & times: Sunday 3 February 8am to 9am, Monday 4 February 7am to 8am & Tuesday 5 February 7am to 8am.

Price: £30 for all three practices

Please note: you can also drop-in to the practice sessions at the regular class price of £12 per class.

Masterclass & Follow-Up Practices: £60

Restorative Yoga with Liz Allan

Next Date/Time: Sun 3rd February 2019 — 5:00pm

with Liz Allan

Join former Leyton Yoga Director Liz Allan for an evening of deep relaxation and self-healing.

Restorative Yoga is an antidote to burnout, stress and fatigue. Together, we'll open the body, balance the nervous system and calm the wired mind through a carefully-sequenced series of simple breathing techniques and long-held gentle postures supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks and pillows.

This practice is open to everyone.

Date: Sunday 3 Feb

Time: 5pm to 7.30pm

Price: £30

4 Week Baby Massage Course

Next Date/Time: Thu 7th February 2019 — 11:15am

Developmental Baby Massage is designed to give parents and caregivers the skills to utilise rhythmic strokes and soothing holds, helping them bond with their baby.

Parents and caregivers naturally communicate and provide comfort to their baby through touch. Baby massage enhances this natural process. As well as providing many benefits to your baby, this process can improve caregiver's wellbeing and increase your confidence in responding to your babies needs.

Designed for babies from 8 weeks old (and able to hold up their head) to babies that are standing, this routine uses therapeutic play to establish a balanced body with a wide range of flexible and coordinated movement.

Over the 4-week course you will work on skills that help with

- bonding and attachment

- attunement to babies communication cues

- introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma

- introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time

- demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise babies posture and abilities

- reduce digestive discomfort such as colic

- improve sleep

- develop circulatory and breathing rhythms

- develop joint flexibility and muscle strength

All the above steps provide a good foundation for sitting and standing, whilst allowing you one-to-one playtime in a safe and supportive environment.

Each week, there will be an opportunity to meet your fellow classmates, chat and drink tea.

Sonya & Karen will be drawing on their backgrounds in Physiotherapy, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture to provide guidance on promoting health and wellbeing for caregivers and babies during this time.

Price: £55

Shakti Sangha - Monthly Women's Circle

Next Date/Time: Sun 24th February 2019 — 5:00pm

with Carole Riggs and Sarah Owens

Shakti Sangha - Monthly Women’s Circle 

Shakti - the vital feminine life force energy

Sangha - a beloved community 

Take a little step out of the business of life and into the held sacred space of Sangha. 

A chance to slow everything down, tune into your own vital energy and share wisdom with a tribe of like-minded women.  Join Carole and Sarah, a mother and daughter, who have practised together for as long as they can remember. Both have many gifts to share in the circle that will nourish and support the Shakti that resides in all of us:

• Manifestation and intention setting • Guided relaxations to tune in • Mantra to explore heart centered sounds • Hatha yoga flow to move the bones  • Self-care rituals to take home  • Restorative yoga to truly rest  • Sound healing practises including the magic of gong bath • Tea and chats to share wisdom

The circle is accessible to all, yoga means union and this is a coming together of female energies. The circle will be nurturing, gentle and empowering. A space to manifest, restore and be held.

Price: £25