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reality check - wrap your year well

FREE livestream workshop

With Quentin Drain, Life and Careers Coach, Leyton Yoga co-owner

Tuesday 6th December, 18:30 - 20:30

Christmas and year end is just around the corner. With that comes a lot of stress and compression, as we try to complete everything before having a holiday.

This often means burning out and not being able to fully enjoy or be our best with our families over Christmas, and then getting dragged kicking and screaming into the new year.

This session is all about finishing the year well and setting ourselves up for a great start to 2023. It's a letting go of the unimportant, and a greater focus on the priority areas of life.

By finishing the year well I mean in three ways:

1. You consider your broader life and how to manage your desired balance

2. You nurture your physical and mental health over the busy and often stressful year-end

3. You take the actions that will set you up for a great 2023 - both in your career and other areas of life

In this session we will:

✅ Use the Wheel of Life coaching tool to understand where you’re currently at in each area of your life

✅ Choose goals for where you’d like to be in each area by the end of the year (either maintenance or improving) with a focus on balance and well-being

✅ Design direct and simple actions to achieve those goals

✅ Get clear on how you will maintain or even improve your well-being towards year end

You’ll spend much of the session exploring this for yourself, so you’ll need a pen and paper. You’ll also have the opportunity to share with another person in a breakout room. As always you are in control of what you share and it’ll be a safe, non-judgemental and embarrassment free zone!

Book now to secure your spot.

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