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yin & restorative yoga workshop

Dates TBC


Led by Letizia Ghisletta & Guest Teacher

In this 90 min Yin & Restore yoga workshop, we will guide you through an extended 90 min practice of Yin & Restorative yoga Practice.

Yin yoga is a floor-based practice where postures are held for up to five minutes… The body's connective

tissue (or Fascia) is released through slow stretching. This can help to create more ease
in the body, as it is often our Fascia that makes stiffness. We need both ‘Yang’ (dynamic) movement
to build muscular strength and Yin (slow stretching) to create balance. Yin yoga is a quiet and
contemplative practice which allows space for both the body and mind as it has the potential to be

Yin yoga is a healing practice through which we create a smooth flow of our energy/prana/Qi and cultivate balance,
by allowing ourselves time and space to slow down.


Restorative Yoga is similar to Yin because it's slow and invites people to stay longer in a posture. However, contrary to Yin, it is fully designed to have your body and mind rest and restore with very little work or stretch. Props are used to fully support the body and send you into a 'liminal' state of total relaxation where your brain waves start to slow down, and you have the opportunity to rest in your Essence Nature.

Your practice will be accompanied by sound and short Yoga Nidra to facilitate a state of deep relaxation.

We'll also talk about how to develop a Yin & Restorative Yoga Practice at Home. We'll explore how to stay connected to your body to become more and more aware of where stretches are experienced, how to self adjust and creates a safe space where we can fully relax. 


Everyone is welcome.

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