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YIN YOGA workshop

Nurturing the transition from autumn to winter​

With Sasha Gabbe

Sunday 17th November // 14.30 - 16.30 

In this 2 hour Yin yoga workshop, Sasha will guide you through an extended two-hour practice of Yin yoga.
Yin yoga is a floor-based practice where postures are held for up to five minutes… The connective
tissue (or Fascia) of the body is released through slow stretching. This can help to create more ease
in the body, as it is often our Fascia that creates stiffness. We need both ‘Yang’ (dynamic) movement
to build muscular strength and Yin (slow stretching) to create balance. Yin yoga is a quiet and
contemplative practice which allows space for both the body and mind as it has the potential to be
meditative. The energetic body is also worked in Yin yoga in a subtle way, through the pressure
applied to the Meridian pathways we can shift our ‘Qi’ or energy, which becomes stagnant or
Yin yoga is a healing practice through which we create smooth flow of our Qi and cultivate balance,
by allowing ourselves time and space to slow down.
In this workshop we will work on postures to help nurture the transition from autumn into winter.


Sasha’s journey into teaching came through discovering that Yoga was supportive for her at the end of a long term relationship. Initially trained in Hatha yoga with Bharath Shetty (200 hours), an Indian teacher in Mysore in 2012. This was followed closely by a second 200hour teacher training in (Hatha and Ashtanga yoga) with Melanie Cooper and Laura Gilmore in 2013.


Sasha developed an interest in Yin yoga studying 80+ hours with Norman Blair who she regularly assists on teacher trainings and workshops. She completed further studies in Yin yoga with Bernie Clark in Vancouver in (2018). Sasha has also trained in Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson-Lassater(2016).

Sasha is drawn to teaching Yin and Restorative yoga, as it allows time to cultivate spaciousness in the body and mind. Yin and Restorative yoga practices offer the chance to slow down, soften and release.

Sasha teaches Yin in a supportive way, with the use of props and encourages a non-striving approach with immersion into feelings and sensations; cultivating a meditative quality to the practice.

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