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In-person led by Charlotte Guezian

Feb-Mar Course Dates: 18th & 25th Feb, 11th & 18th Mar

£80 for 4 sessions

Have you always wanted to learn more about Yoga but you either never had the time or felt too intimidated? Or, would you like to come back to Yoga after some time off? This course is designed for you. We will be covering all the aspects of Yoga in a very down-to-earth and inclusive way. By the end of the course you will feel confident and ready to join our beginner or open level classes. We will be providing you with the props you need including a mat. If you prefer to buy your own mat and bring your own props such as bricks and blocks, please feel free to do that. Get in touch if you have any questions about which mats to buy.

Session 1:  
- Introduction - why do you want to learn Yoga?
- Brief introduction about Yoga. The different styles and aspects of Yoga.
- Basic breathing (pranayama)
- Warming up & sun salutation

Session 2: 

- What we learned last time

- Standing postures (basic embodied anatomy)

- Forward bends & seated postures

Session 3:

- What we learned so far

- Balance, twists, basic inversions

- Restorative practices

Session 4:

- Backbends

- Flowing through postures - Vinyasa (putting everything together!)

- Meditation

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