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Authentic Hatha Yoga and therapeutic health practices in the heart of East London. Leyton Yoga is an inclusive space for personal discovery and transformation. You can book our classes and workshops on this website or on Mindbody.


Our sister company - Leyton Holistic - offers a range of health treatments including massage.


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With Alexandra Gray and/or Jessica Green

A series of workshops to deepen your yoga practice inside and out. Join experienced teachers Alexandra Gray and/or Jessica Green who are excited to be sharing their knowledge which draws on Hatha, Iyengar, and other forms of body work.

In a workshop setting, explore how challenging yoga postures can be accessed and achieved. Strategies will include intelligent sequencing, use of props, partner work, and good old fashioned practice! Book one, two, or all three, and deepen your practice.

  • 7th September 3:30pm to 6pm: Stillness - co-taught by both Alexandra and Jessica 
    All Hatha Yoga is a path to stillness, but many of us experience barriers to sitting or lying comfortably that are both mental and physical. After a satisfying gentle flow sequence, explore options for sitting (and staying!) in postures for meditation and pranayama. Explore some theory behind mindfulness and meditation techniques. Finishing with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.   

  • 19th October 3:30pm to 6pm: Arm balances - taught by Jessica Green
    Learn techniques for stabilising your shoulders and aligning correctly to take the effort out of arm balancing. Moving from the common (but complex!) chaturanga into more challenging postures. 

  • 23rd November 3:30pm to 6pm: Inversions - taught by Jessica Green
    Inversions are considered among the most powerful yoga postures, and when practised correctly they bring numerous benefits to physical and mental health. Explore techniques for core-strengthening and safe entries into the upside-down world.

£30 each individually, or £80 as a package of three