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Led by Letizia Ghisletta

Part of the Ease Back into Yoga programme - a few spots opened up to everyone else

| In-person at Midland | £20
Sunday 5th Feb 16:00 - 17:00

Yoga Nidra 'the Yogic sleep' is a practice but also a way of being. An experience of timelessness. A pure state of awareness.

Accompanied by the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, kalimbas, voice, shruti box, gong and other instruments, you'll dive into a wonderful and unforgettable journey towards your Self.

The guiding words of the Nidra together with the healing vibrations of the different instruments are a magic antidote to stress and worries.

As a participant, all you have to do is relax, and surrender. We'll be providing you with props to make you feel comfortable and supported.

At the end of the practice, you'll be invited to journal about your experience to capture any contemplation that might arise from this very special practice. So don't forget to bring a journal or notepad with you, people often deeply connect with new creative insights, ideas and powerful intentions during this practice.

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