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Aileen Hamdan

Aileen Hamdan. Tai Chi Chen Style Teacher

Aileen Hamdan is a Chen Style Tai Chi teacher. She has been training under Shifu Browne, 34th generation disciple of Shaolin Temple, since 2008. She also has the Level 3 coaching qualification from British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA, governing body) Aileen has been teaching Tai Chi since 2011. She loves the tranquillity, grace and yet tremendous power of Tai Chi. Aileen is passionate about promoting Tai Chi and its huge health benefits to groups such as older people, girls and women, and disabled people. She particularly advocates Tai Chi Fan as a tool to get more people engaged in training for a healthier lifestyle. In 2013, Aileen, as one of the founders, set up Dao Lu CIC (Community Interest Company) based in Waltham Forest, to help realise her vision. Aileen was born in Shanghai, China. She speaks and writes fluent Mandarin.


Currently there are no Tai Chi classes at Leyton Yoga

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