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Letizia Ghisletta

Letizia Ghisletta. Owner, Manager, and Teacher at Leyton Yoga.

Letizia, together with Quentin, owns and manages Leyton Yoga. Her commitment is to have people connect to their own greatness, discovering that everything that we need is already within us. Nothing to add or fix. That our true nature is blissful! She is inspired by the idea that every person can transform the world through mindful and compassionate actions, and like in a domino effect empower the communities around them. Leti is a 500hr certified Yoga teacher (Vinyasa & Traditional Hatha) and holds certifications in Restorative Yoga, Kirtan, Yin, Yoga Nidra.

She teaches Hatha, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa flow with a focus on the power of the breath and the energy body. Her classes are inclusive, strong, close to the tradition and mindful. Yoga is for her a way of living, a way to access our true Self, that space in which we merge completely with our true nature. She wants her students to use the practice of Yoga as a transformative tool to enhance and expand their life, and who they are for themselves. Her teaching is inspired by many lineages and traditions: Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Satyananda and Anusara. Enchanted by the philosophy of Yoga and Sanskrit, she has been studying Vedic chanting and philosophy for several years and she likes integrating these in her classes, and dipping her toes into Classic Sanskrit for a couple of years now. She's currently deepening her knowledge of Classic Tantric Shaivism, a tradition very close to her heart. Music is another passion for Letizia. With a degree in music and Voice, she is currently doing her Masters in Songwriting. . She loves integrating music into Sound Bath, Kirtan and Yoga Nidra. In these sessions, Letizia has the opportunity to manifest her creativity and offer experiential journeys to people through sound, voice and yogic sleep.

Leti runs monthly community gathering on patreon, open to all.


Monday 18:30 - 19:30 Hatha Flow Yoga

Monday 20:00 - 21:00 Yin Yoga

Friday 13:00 - 13:45 Slow Flow Yoga

Sunday 10:30 - 12:00 Hatha Flow Yoga

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