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Authentic Hatha Yoga and therapeutic health practices in the heart of East London. Leyton Yoga is an inclusive space for personal discovery and transformation. You can book our classes and workshops on this website or on Mindbody.


Our sister company - Leyton Holistic - offers a range of health treatments including massage.


691 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6RA

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Sherene teaches a Tai-Chi-inspired Yoga Flow, where the directional energy of each posture is explored through long-flowing, circular sequences. Experimenting with the body’s potential, Sherene's practice uncovers habitual body patterns and encourages deeper internal awareness to unite the breath, the body and the mind. She is also a massage therapist incorporating her knowledge as a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist to help each client. Once on the massage table a mixture of techniques can be used to address any aches, pains (including scarring and fibromyalgia) or postural imbalances in your body. Sherene uses postural assessment, soft tissue work including deep tissue, trigger point/NMT (neuro muscular technique) , MET (muscle energy technique) and myofascial release. Sherene continues her knowledge of the body, movement and fascia through on going yoga courses and studies in fascia (Sherene is a member of Myofascial Release UK).


Friday 09:45—10:45 Flow L2-3

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